AIID publishes MFS II Indonesia data

AIID supports the growing calls for open science – we contribute by making our data available. The first datasets that we are publishing were collected and analysed for the Indonesia country-level evaluation of MFS II, the 2011-2015 Dutch grant framework for civil society organisations.

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In the news: AIID contributes to large-scale evaluation of Dutch development aid

AIID has finished two studies within the framework of a large-scale evaluation of the Medefinancieringsstelsel (MFS), MoFA’s subsidy framework for civil society organisations with a budget of € 1,9 billion in the 2011-2015 period. AIID conducted a synthesis study combining the results of almost 200 separate evaluations from eight different countries. AIID was also responsible for the Indonesia study, which included impact evaluations of twelve different projects (from cashew nut certification to assistance to victims of gender-based violence).

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